Scientific Collaboration

Co-operation with researchers

Co-operation between researchers and industry can be of short or long term. SMI® encourages and facilitates co-operation between external partners and the many highly qualified research groups at SMI®.

Co-operation contracts

The Grants & Contracts unit at Aalborg University drafts and negotiates collaborative research agreements between researchers and external parties in order to secure an acceptable and balanced legal position for both parties. As an external partner you will find many options and great flexibility. You can define the content of the project together and the project can be co-financed by both parties.

Co-operation with PhD students

Co-operation with a PhD student is a unique offer for companies wishing to optimize their competencies in close interaction with Denmark´s leading research environment within health science and technology.

Co-financing models exist and can be discussed with the Department. 

A number af advantages for the companies co-financing PhD's can be listed: 

* Access to a highly qualified resource for 3 years working on an assugnment directly based on an industrial problem

* An opprtunity to utilize the competencies of the PhD student to the benefit of the company's development as well as the upgrading of the competencies of the other employees 

* Access to the latest research-based knowledge 

* Access to national and international networks 

* Research is of relevance to the company 

* Access to part of the IPR in which the projekt will result 

Guest Researchers

A company may suggest topics and researchers whom SMI® can invite to pay a visit for a period of time. This way companies can benefit from recognized researchers' knowledge within specific areas.