Ph.D. Training

The Doctoral School in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology

The Doctoral School in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology at The Faculty of Medicine offers a three-year Ph.D. education within the following three topic-specific doctoral programs:

  • Biomedical Science and Engineering
  • Clinical Science and Biomedicine
  • Health Education, Organizations and Ethics

The School was originally established in 1997, and the target areas include development of and instrumentation for new diagnostic and therapeutic methods and better rehabilitation paradigms.
The curriculum of the School is comparable to the best programs in the world within medicine, biomedical science and engineering.
The School is designed to enroll graduates with different educational background from all over the world. Students can either apply for a grant from the School or bring their own grants.
The enrolled students will benefit from a wide variety of dedicated courses, seminars, study groups, Ph.D. network, international networks, and exchange programs as well as monitoring and evaluation procedures.

The features of the School are characterized by:

  • A combination of inter-related disciplines in life science and engineering
  • A staff of recognized scientists with different and hybrid educational backgrounds
  • An international research and educational environment with approximately 50% international students
  • A large national and international network of collaborators from clinical and theoretical research institutions and industry

The multi-disciplinary nature of the research and course programs will provide a firm foundation for careers in many areas in public and private health care institutions, in research, and in industry.

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 All Ph.D. students must contact Susanne N. Lundis approx. 6 months before they plan to submit their thesis!