Technology Transfer & Statistics

Technology Transfer

SMI® interacts with the Patent and Commercialization Office at Aalborg University when researchers at or researchers together with industry make an invention. The university in collaboration with industry will then lead the invention through a process which can include novelty examination, proof-of-concept, patent protection and commercialization activities.

innovation Statistics

The Department of Health Science and Technology has an impressive track record of spinning out new companies based on research inventions - our "family tree" illustrates our growth over the years. 

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Acarix A/S • AalqTech • Aglance Solutions ApS• C4Pain ApS • Ditens A/S • Face • Hugin Experts A/SJudex A/SMEDEI • Mermaid Care A/S • NemoMed A/S • Nervex A/S • Neurodan A/S / Otto Boch • Neuroretrain ApS • NociTechNordic Neurostim ApS • NoxiTest Biomedical A/S • OBI ApSTKS A/STreat Systems ApS