Translational Research and Drug Screening

Translational Research and Drug Screening

The pharmaceutical industry finds the competencies within pain, brain, and motor control research and drug screening at Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction SMI® very attractive. The research comprises translational research from basic animal research to human clinical tests resulting in new applications and products that can be of great interest to industry.

The assessment technologies of SMI® make it possible to screen and test the effect of new procedures and drugs at an early stage in the development process. This can provide mechanism-based proof-of-concept studies and can help target the patient populations investigated in phase II and III clinical trials. Early experimental volunteer studies can provide information on mechanisms of action, efficient doses, and pharmacy dynamics. Such trials can help companies develop programs leading to cost efficient processes.

In all patient studies our quantitative pain assessment technologies are used together with clinical parameters.


SMI® is heading The Danish Pain Trial Center, which comprises a national collaborative network of basic and clinical research groups from all regions in Denmark with a physical anchor-point at Aalborg University.

The Danish Pain Trial Center performs single or multi-center clinical pain trials from Phase I first-in-man to Phase III. The center:

* Offers a well-organized infrastructure of pain laboratories and clinics with a long history of performing clinical trials in pain
* Ensures efficient recruitment of pain patients in most relevant fields of chronic pain
* Gathers internationally recognized pain researchers and clinicians
* Provides state-of-the-art mechanism-based technologies for pain assessment, and the highly professional and competent staff complying with all aspects of GCP
* Has established harmonization of all pain assessment procedures between the partners according to standard operational procedures and is endorsed by 16 pharmaceutical companies within the area.

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