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Lars Arendt-Nielsen


Name:               Lars Arendt-Nielsen

Title:                   Head of Centre, Prof., dr.med., Ph.D.
Work:                 Aalborg University
                           SMI (Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction)
                           Department of Health Science and Technology
                           School of Medicine
                           Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, D3, 9220 Aalborg, Denmark
                           Phone +4599408830


Professional Background

1982                   Master Biomedical Sciences and Technology

1983-1984        Post graduate student, University College, London

1987                   Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, Aalborg University

1994                   Dr.Sci. Medicine, Medical Faculty, Aarhus University



1983-1984         Post graduate student, University College, London

1983-1984         Research associate, The National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, London

1985-1987         Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Aalborg University

1987-1993         Assistant and associate professor, Aalborg University

1992-1996         Board member, the International Society for Electrophysiological Kinesiology

1993-                  Professor in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Aalborg University

1993-                  Co-founder and principal investigator, Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction - SMI, Aalborg University

1994                   Dr.Sci. Medicine, Medical Faculty, Aarhus University

1998-1999        Guest professor, The National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Okasaki, Japan

1997                   President ”Year of the Brain” for the campaign ”The invisible pain”

1997-2007         Founder and chairman of the board, The International Doctoral School for Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Aalborg University

1999-2008         Chairman of the board, The Doctoral School in Technology and Science, Aalborg University

2000-2005         Board member, The Danish Research Council and The Research Education Council

2000-2004         Founder and board member, NoxiTest AG

2001-2008         Board member, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University

2002                    Fellow, The International Federation for Medical & Biological Engineering

2004-2008         Board member, Aalborg University

2006-2008         Board member, EPOKA Medic Mission A/S

2006                   Honary professor, Jiaotong University, Medical School, Xi’an, China

2007                   Honary professor, University of Bern, Medical School, Switzerland

2007                   Knighted by the Danish Queen (“Ridder af Dannebrog”)

2008                   Visiting professor, University of Boston, Medical School, Boston USA.

2005-2011        Board member, The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

2009-2012        Chairman of the board, IASP Grant Committee

2009-                 Board member, IASP Press

2009-                 Founder and board member, C4Pain, Director R&D

2010                  Co-President, Global IASP Year Against Musculoskeletal Pain

2010-                 Board member, The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

2010-                 Director, EIR, Research and Business Park within Health Science and Technology, North Denmark

2010-2012        Guest professor, Lindköping University, Sweden

2012-2015        Board member, Aalborg University

2013-                 Co-Founder and board member, NociTech A/S

2016                  President, IASP Global Year Against Joint Pain

2016-                 Editor-in-Chief, IASP Press

2016-2018         President-Elect, IASP

2018-                 President, IASP


Research Profile

The basic research focuses on 1) translational pain research, 2) experimental methods for quantitative assessment of pain from skin, muscles and viscera in healthy volunteers and chronic pain patients, 3) development of human pain bio-markers for screening of new analgesic compounds in humans (volunteers and patients), 4) proof-of-concept and target validation studies on new analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds.

The clinical trial and research unit C4Pain (www.C4Pain.com) is devoted to phase Ib, II, and III experimental and clinical pain studies utilizing the most advanced translational pain bio-markers and pain assessment tools. C4Pain offers companies comprehensive services and the most advanced facilities in the area of pain related trials. In addition C4Pain helps companies translating basic pre-clinical findings into clinical trials optimizing the chances for detecting a signal based on a selection of the most appropriate pain models.


He has published 1089 peer reviewed journal papers (sum of times cited 35,434, average citations per item 32.5, H-index 88, Web of Science) in the area of pain biomarkers, clinical trials, pain assessment, musculoskeletal pain, motor control, and profiling of analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds. Edited six books and been guest editor for two international journals. Full publication list.


Has given more than 400 invited lectures/key-note lectures at international conferences, symposia and meetings.

Ph.D. Education

Has supervised and completed more than 50 Ph.D. students over the last 25 years.

Scientific Commitments

Editorial board member of 5 international journals (Eur J Pain, Pain, J.Pain, Exp Brain Res, Oral Science International) and regular reviewer for 19 international journals. Hosted 2 major international conferences and 11 smaller conferences. .


Consulting for 15 major international pharmaceutical companies on pain and inflammation, trial design, proof of concept studies, translational research, clinical trials, and pain biomarkers.


Received more than 20 national and international honors and awards. Recently received “Pasteur Prize” (2014) the for most innovative and best managed public-private research project in Denmark, The Fibromyalgia Research Award (2015), the Director Ib Henriksen Foundation Research Award (2015), “Dansk Magisterforenings Forskerpris 2015” (The Research Award of the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs), “The Bagger-Sørensen Research Award 2015”, and the honorary award of The Danish Association of Chronic Pain Patients (Foreningen af Kroniske Smertepatienter (FAKS)), Queen Ingrid Research Award (2016), and the Leadership Award for Northern Denmark (2016).

Management Experience

Has a long experience in leading national and international research projects and in managing large grants from e.g. The Danish National Research Foundation, Danish Research Council, European Union, NIH, industries, and private agencies. Has been co-responsible for approximately 300 mill Dkr (40 mill Euros) over the last 25 years.

Is co-founder and head of Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction - SMI) with 80 researchers employed. SMI was founded in 1992 by support from The Danish National Research Foundation. SMI co-operates with institutions in 15 different countries, has access to 16 well-equipped laboratories covering more than 650 m2. Approximately 50% of the staff at SMI comes from abroad and approx. 50% of the papers are with international collaborators.

Co-founder of The Doctoral School in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology in 1997 which was also appointed as a Marie Curie Ph.D. Training Site by the EU-commission. The target areas included development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods and better rehabilitation paradigms. The Doctoral School is now operated by the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University, and has more than 160 Ph.D. students enrolled.

Collaborating with 20 international pharmaceutical companies within the area of profiling analgesics and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Established in 2010 EIR (Empowering Industry and Research) a Research and Business Park within Health Science and Technology.

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