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In-vivo Animal Experimentation Laboratory

In-vivo Animal Experimentation Laboratory

Head of Laboratory: Winnie Jensen, Associate Professor (WJ)


This lab is destined to research involving live animals. Use of animals in research may be necessary and/or required to before further experimentation can be carried out in humans.
For example, developed neural interfaces, neural prosthesis system, medical devices must prove to work, to be safe and reliable and compatible with the biology. Also, animal experimentation can be used as a proof of concept of the effect of specific rehabilitation interventions. Finally, many disease models exist that assists us to gain knowledge about e.g. disease development or treatment that we cannot obtain in humans.
Three skilled animal technicians can assist researchers and clinicians with the practical performance of surgical procedures and the housing of animals. It is possible to conduct experiments on small rodents (rats, mice and rabbits) and pigs.


Laboratory Facilities

  • General equipment for performing sterile surgery e.g. sterilization (autoclave and gamma radiation), ventilator (incl. gas anesthesia), vital parameter monitors, infusion pumps, stereomicroscopes, general surgical tools (scissors, forceps, retractors etc.) and disposables (sterile drapes, sutures, needles etc.).
  • Housing facilities for animals (rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, farm pigs, mini-pigs).
  • Equipment for harvesting and storage of biological specimens (freezers (-18 ºc/-80 ºc).
  • Facilities for performing advanced histological procedures is located close by.

Contact Persons

Winnie Jensen (WJ)
Staff at Aalborg Hospital North (biolab)

Laboratory Access

According to Danish law, a license is needed to perform animal experimental work in Denmark. Any study should be planned in collaboration with the staff at Aalborg Hospital North.


Pathological Institute, Aalborg University Hospital (North)
Ladegårdsgade 3
9100 Aalborg