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Manufacturing of Bioelectrodes and Bioelectronics Systems Laboratory

Manufacturing of Bioelectrodes and Bioelectronics Systems Laboratory

Head of Laboratory: Thomas Nørgaard Nielsen, Post doc (thnn)


The lab is designed and used for the manufacturing of peripheral nerve electrodes, electronic systems, experimental setups and education of biomedical students. The lab also includes a clean room for producing peripheral electrodes for chronic implantation and specific bench-top setups for characterizing electrode performance.


Laboratory Facilities

  • Clean room (including flow bench, equipment for silicone dip coating)
  • Flow bench
  • Stereo microscopes
  • Ultra sound cleaning device, autoclave, deionized water
  • Tools for fabrication of neural electrodes (forceps, micro scissors etc.), spot welder, soldering
  • Tools for fabrication of electronic systems and experimental setups (basic tools: hammers, screwdrivers, drills, soldering ions etc.).
  • Tools for testing electrodes and electronic systems (oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators)

Contact persons

Thomas Nørgaard Nielsen (thnn)

Lab access

With permission of Thomas Nørgaard Nielsen (thnn)
Lab rules and safety procedures – pdf for download


Frederiks Bajers vej 3B, Room 1.110 & 1.124