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Lecture by Dr. Benjamin Metcalfe

Neural Recording in Peripheral Nerves


13.11.2018 kl. 13.00 - 15.00



The idea of recording and understanding the electrical signals that travel throughout our bod-ies is not a new one. In the two-hundred odd years since Galvani there are still only a hand-ful of commercially available devices that interface directly to the peripheral nervous system. The challenges are multiple - technological, surgical, and regulatory. Electrical modulation of the peripheral nerves has a long-documented history of success, however this stimulation can have only a limited efficacy if it is not used in tandem with a recording of the physiologi-cal signals – the loop needs to be closed.
There are multiple approaches to neural recording that are currently being explored; the most attractive techniques are those that might be chronically implanted and cause only min-imal damage to the nerves. As yet, no single approach has seen widespread adoption. This seminar will discuss the state of the art, comparing the leading methods for recording, pro-cessing, and ultimately decoding the information within the peripheral nerves. The broader challenges will be discussed and some future directions presented.

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